Customizable Immunoassays

Project Consultation

Multiplex Analysis

AcuImmune is a comprehensive source of immune assessment testing for research and non-GLP preclinical analysis. The company specializes in customizable immunoassays to identify cancer biomarkers, characterize drug candidate immunogenicity, and aid in allergy diagnosis. AcuImmune has also supported translational studies in gene therapy, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, inflammation, and oncology. Scientists at AcuImmune offer 20 years of experience in the development of robust immunological assays­.  To learn more about AcuImmune’s immunoassay services, click the links below, or dial 1-(800)-989-2574 to speak with a consultant about how AcuImmune can help with your project.

    • Optimization, development and streamlined testing of research and non-GLP preclinical samples
    • Quick turnaround time from project request to processed data
    • Reduce cost and labor
    • Analysis of fresh and cryo-preserved human, non-human primate, canine and rodent samples
    • Optimized cell thawing and assay protocols
    • Expert consults for experimental design set up and interpretation of data
    • Capable of handling both large and small scale research projects
    • Competitive pricing