AcuImmune is dedicated to helping you maximize research productivity.  Our dedicated scientists and lab technicians are available to assist across multiple phases of translational studies, from sample isolation through biostatistical analysis.  To see how our caring staff and validated experimental methods can support your projects, please review our services below:

Cell Harvest and Biobanking

  • PBMC harvest from whole blood from research based, non GLP and preclinical studies
  • Cryopreservation of PBMC using standardized protocols
  • Ability to harvest and cryopreserve cells from spleen and lymphnodes from preclinical models
  • Optimized cryopreservation protocols provided to the customer
  • Special requirements for sample handling for each project will be discussed with the customer in detail, before the initiation of the project

Elispot Assay Services

  • Quantitation of antigen specific cell mediated immune response
  • Ability to detect low precursor frequency CD4+ T cells and CD8+Tcells
  • Customized development and validation services
  • Evaluate memory response to whole recombinant proteins/peptides derived from proteins
  • Epitope map the antigen specific response in a protein

Multiplex Cytokine Analysis

  • Customize the proteins from the analyte list available and multiplex in a single assay
  • Multi analyte (up to 42 analytes) testing possible from a single sample
    • Low sample volume (~25 ul)
    • High Sensitivity (pg/mL)
  • Rapid, Robust & Quantifiable
  • Biomarker and immunogenicity support in early discovery and non clinical stage
  • Support of diverse therapeutic areas (metabolic, inflammation, oncology and neuroscience)

Immunogenicity Testing

  • Direct and Indirect ELISA
  • Ligand-Binding & Bridging Assays